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USDA identifies GMO wheat growing in the wild in Washington

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)  has recognized the genetically modified, unapproved wheat discovered growing wild in Washington state as a grain created by Monsanto.

The wheat was genetically engineered to face up to the corporate’s Roundup herbicide, which might permit farmers to better kill other crops without affecting their wheat crops. It is referred to as Roundup Ready wheat.

The company additionally makes Roundup Ready corn and soybeans, each of that is approved by the USDA.

The wheat, also called MON 71800, doesn’t have USDA approval — no genetically engineered wheat is authorized from commercial use wherever in the world.

Monsanto petitioned for its approval in 2002 and 2004, but elected to withdraw its applications earlier than the company issued a ruling, stated Rick Coker, a USDA spokesman.

Nonetheless, the Food and Drug Administration accomplished a “voluntary consultation” of MON 71800 in 2004, “concluding that this GE wheat is as safe as food and feed as non-GE wheat currently available on the market,” Coker stated.

The Roundup Ready wheat was discovered rising wild in eastern Washington state in early June in a space that was “presumably on the site of a former [Monsanto] area trial,” Charla Lord, a spokeswoman for Bayer, which lately bought Monsanto, mentioned shortly after it was discovered.

The USDA nonetheless is reviewing the situation, and anticipates the investigation will take between six and nine months, Coker mentioned.

Bayer had no comment on the USDA’s most up-to-date findings. Shortly after the USDA introduced the invention June 7, the company issued the assertion, “We’re cooperating with USDA to assemble extra info and information because the company reviews the scenario. We are going to present extra data when possible.”

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