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SpaceX And NASA Both Are Having The Concepts About How To Set Human Life On Mars

Each SpaceX and NASA have concepts about how to get people to the Red Planet. However, the founder of the Mars Society says there’s a more fabulous solution to do it. In a colorful speak right here on the Worldwide Astronautical Congress (IAC) on Oct. 23, Robert Zubrin made a case for his long-standing ‘Mars Direct’ plan. Mars Direct, Zubrin argued, makes more sense than SpaceX’s current Starship architecture and the methods of NASA, which may use the Gateway lunar space station as a staging point for human Mars missions.

Mars Direct, which Zubrin first proposed within the late 1980s and early 1990s, requires an Earth Return Vehicle (ERV) that launches uncrewed to Mars and arrives on the Purple Planet six months later. Aboard this spacecraft might be a nuclear-powered rover that generates rocket fuel from the carbon-dioxide-dominated Martian atmosphere. This rover’s work will be sure that the ERV’s fuel tank is topped up on the Red Planet. Two other spacecraft would launch from Earth to Mars at the next available window, 26 months after the ERV took flight: a second ERV, and a habitat carrying the astronauts.

The crew then would spend 18 months on Mars earlier than returning to Earth. Half a yr later, they might arrive again on their home planet, and the next ERV and habitat mixture would already be flying to the Pink Planet, Zubrin instructed. However, this plan is not what SpaceX or NASA wants to do; Zubrin stated in his speech. SpaceX’s Starship has gone via multiple designs and name changes  since company founder and CEO Elon Musk unveiled the fundamental structure in September 2016 under the moniker “Interplanetary Transport System.”

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