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Physicists Try to Seal the Fate of the Universe by Discovering Huge Higgs Particle

Everyone knows and love the Higgs boson — which to physicists’ chagrin has been mistakenly tagged within the media because the “God particle” — a subatomic particle first spotted in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) again in 2012. That particle is a chunk of a subject that permeates all of the space-time; it connects with many particles, like quarks and electrons offering these particles with mass, which is relatively calm.

However, the Higgs that we noticed was surprisingly light-weight. Based on our most significant estimates, it ought to have been lots heavier. Although we have no proof but of a heavier Higgs, a crew of researchers primarily based on the LHC, the world’s largest atom smasher, is digging into that query as we converse. And there is speak that as protons are smashed collectively contained in the ring-formed collider, hefty Higgs and even Higgs particles made up of different forms of Higgs might come out of hiding.

If the heavy Higgs does undoubtedly exist, then we have to reconfigure our knowledge of the Standard Model of particle physics with the newly discovered realization that there is way more to the Higgs than meets the attention.

Without the Higgs boson, just about the entire Standard Model comes crashing down. However, to speak concerning the Higgs boson, we first want to grasp how the Standard Model views the universe.

In our highest conception of the subatomic world utilizing the Standard Model, what we consider as particles aren’t genuinely crucial. As an alternative, there are fields. These fields permeate and absorb all of house and time. There may be one field for every form of particle.

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