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About us

With such a declining situation of the environment, it is very much necessary to understand the rules and the ways of preservation of our ecology, which in turn will help the betterment of our society. To make things easily understandable to you, Peoria Observer was established. While touching down all the essential learning of preserving the environment, we also present to you the actual scenario of the world. Environmental degradation has raised alarming issues, and until and unless we all come forward, it is not possible to reach the goal of sustainable development.


The motive of launching Peoria Observer has always been the ideology behind making society better for our future generations. Peoria Observer exclaims proudly about the authenticity of the articles. We feel very blessed to announce that any external forces have never influenced our articles. Before publishing the articles, they are filtered out of plagiarism and fake news.


Understanding this vast environment under just one category is not easy and hence can lead to various misconceptions. This is why in Peoria Observer we categorize our articles into four main subcategories, which are-

  • Agriculture
  • Biotech
  • Science
  • Ecology

All these articles are written in a semi-formal creative way so that it can turn out to be a joy of reading. We understand that reading only words can be very dull and uninteresting, and hence, our articles are supported by eye-catching pictures and graphs to help the reader understand the theme of the article in a more natural way.

Process of work-

The best thing about Peoria Observer is the unique and designated teams for every category. After being in the market for many years, we have realized that the secret of standing tall in the game is to give focus on one thing at a time and hence we have segregated different teams for different categories. So that the experts leading those teams can focus on one category only and enhanced the qualitative value of the articles.

Saving the environment is not a work of a few people’s it’s a responsibility of all. By proper knowledge and proper communications, we can do our duty towards the environment by starting small, keeping our surroundings clean at first because charity begins at home.

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Author Contacts:

Mildred Mitchell– Email: [email protected] | Phone: +1 718-350-5680
Jennifer Mortimer– Email: [email protected] | Phone: +1 718-351-5690
Alice Duncan– Email: [email protected] | Phone: +1 718-330-5660
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